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If wind condition is not suitable for sailing, engines onboard the yacht can propel the yacht when there is no wind at all, or provide supplementary power when wind strength is insufficient.

Every guest on the voyage can sleep in cabins in the yacht, you can sleep on the deck to enjoy the breeze, or camp on the beach under the stars. If you organize resorts accommodation, please notify us in advance to organize itinerary.

We can accommodate dietary needs. Please notify us at least 30 days before the start of your voyage about your special dietary requirement.

Waters around Whitsunday Islands are normally calm with small waves and seasickness rarely happens. If you are prone to get seasick, seasickness pills or patch are good precautions before you are used to sailing.

There are showers and heaters available on the yacht if you consume water supplies reasonably. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to a spa, do a quick rinse coming out of the sea and simply rub away any leftover salt crystal afterwards.

You can charge your electronics during your voyage, there are 12V outlets (similar to a car accessories socket) and 240V inverters (similar to household power) onboard using standard Australian plug.

You can bring children along. However, for your enjoyment, we advise against bringing children under the age of 6 to your voyage. Our skipper and crew will be busy operating the yacht and cannot takecare of children.

Our voyage is extremely safe. Sailing is an activity enjoyed by all ages around the world, from children to elderly can safely participate. In case of emergency, we have means to contact local authorities to quickly address any issue.

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